The Excommunicated Prophet

Who are the "Lamanites" of our time? Who do we as individuals, as communities, as faith traditions and institutions relegate to that of the "Other"? Whose voices have we excluded from our records and histories? Whose voices aren't present in scripture? These are all questions which Samuel the Lamanite should cause us to pause and consider.

Earthquake-Proofing the Restoration: A Note on the “Three Tentpoles of Radical Orthodoxy”

Rather than a paradigm of absolute demolition and historical dishonoring, we should instead embrace a paradigm of renovation and earthquake-proofing as observable in the case of the Salt Lake Temple. Such earthquake-proofing may not be possible from the guiding framework of Radical Orthodoxy. The Restoration deserves greater boldness and confidence. Joseph Smith is among our best examples in this regard.

Tabernacles, Temples, and Transgender Saints

The example of the Provo City Center Temple highlights the often unrecognized ways in which transgender individuals have been a wonderful blessing to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and are an essential part of the Body of Christ.

Review of “Exploring Mormon Thought: God’s Plan to Heal Evil”

To adherents of worldviews rooted in classical theism, God’s Plan to Heal Evil poses an existential challenge. To those who have struggled to believe in God in light of the problem of evil, God’s Plan to Heal Evil offers viable and compelling alternatives. And to those who, like me, found themselves asking “Why, God?” over the last year, God’s Plan to Heal Evil offers answers and hope.

“Use a Little Craftiness and Seal All [We] Can”

Full-inclusion of our LGBTQ+ and gender-expansive siblings may be seen as a bridge too far; a place that we simply can't go given how entrenched and frequent teachings espousing a heteronormative Plan of Salvation have been from those we hold to be inspired Church leaders. Fortunately, we have established precedent in Church history for re-envisioning the cosmos in such a dramatic way.

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