He cast a net into the sea

 pulled out his life’s entirety

Within the net, he found therein

monstrous beasts, Leviathan

screaming, howling, gnashing teeth

vipers, wolves, feral, fleet,

though also too contained within

a light condensed in crystal thin,

the demons vast, attempt to take

the crystal thin and light to break

The man was scared, cried out in fear,

the hordes of Pan now drawing near

the light was hope and peace and love

seemingly small amongst endless droves

The crystal thin did hear his cry

it’s light was dimmed but would not die

Eternal conflict staged within

the heart of man, with one to win

Grabbed the crystal, clutched it near

his heart, that hope he held so dear,

upon his strength the light did grow,

from soft beams came flames in tow

the swarms of devils, consuming the beasts

Erebus flee, the light did feast

the rays then faded to gentle dim

condensed once more to crystal thin

the seas then calmed and tempests tossed,

ceased in his heart,

the man

no longer lost


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