From my left: Mrs. Zellner- our Club Sponsor, Students Camilla, Raven, Kaden (my grumpy-looking little brother), and Maddy. From my right: LeAnn Basha- Golden Rule Coordinator (behind me), Anne Taylor, Sue Lynn Stiner, and Rev. Larry Fultz- Executive Director of the Arizona Interfaith Movement. Photo by: Phoebe Preston

Today, the World Religion and Tolerance Society (WRATS) was generously bestowed the AZ Golden Rule Educational Experiences Award for $1000! I am super proud and grateful to have served as the Founder and President of the WRATS since 2014, when I organized it as a sophomore in high school. Our mission and focus is on bringing students of various religious and irreligious backgrounds together to learn, dialogue, cooperate, build bridges of understanding and friendship across lines of difference. This award came out of a video we produced as a club last year where we demonstrate our ability to live the Golden Rule during club and on campus. Coming soon will be the full-length video that members of AGREE and the Arizona Interfaith Movement took of the ceremony.

Below is attached the interfaith video that we filmed as a club featuring students representing Catholic, Mormon, Pagan, Atheist, Buddhist, Agnostic, Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Secular Humanist backgrounds all working together on campus to promote peace-building and interfaith community. Thanks also to Sun Devils are Better Together for joining and helping in our efforts!


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