My visit to the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship
 Provo, Utah. December, 3rd 2016 Photo by Neal Rappleye

A recent article by Trent Toone of the Deseret News, titled “One year and counting: Scholarly website helping to ‘increase understanding’ of the Book of Mormon” gave a pleasant and insightful overview over one of the newest online resources on the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Book of  Mormon Central, as it is so rightly named, is devoted to increasing appreciation, scholarship and study of the Book of Mormon from individuals both inside and outside of the Latter-day Saint tradition. In this article, I happen to have played a small role,

One example is 18-year-old Jaxon Washburn, a senior at Williams Field High School in Gilbert, Arizona. Although a lifelong Latter-day Saint, Washburn experienced a faith crisis at age 12 when one of his parents left the church. Through personal study and spiritual experiences, he gained a testimony a few years later, including a witness of the Book of Mormon, Washburn said.

Already of a fan of the Maxwell Institute, Washburn quickly fell in love with BMC and the daily KnoWhy. He hopes BMC can become a prominent resource for young Latter-day Saints, he said.

“Book of Mormon Central offers readers of all levels a means to discover, learn and gather evidences and details about the Book of Mormon that can help to strengthen one’s testimony in its divinely inspired origins,” Washburn said. “It is both visually appealing and strong in its level of background information and research.”

I have been a consistent fan of Book of Mormon Central since its inception this past January. Ever since I have greatly enjoyed the plethora of materials and research they have readily available on the Book of Mormon, its ancient historicity and its respective spiritual significance for those who read it. I have even been doing some light volunteer work with the organization as well and was fortunate enough to have graciously been flown up to Provo, Utah the first week of this December by their staff and leaders of BMC in order to attend a small planning session. There, we overviewed the success of this past year, and the future goals of the organization heading into the next. It was a great chance for me to meet some of their amazing members like Zander Sturgill, Neal Rappeleye, Jared Riddick, Jasmine Gimenez and Kirk Magleby. I also found the trip to be very helpful in giving me a sense of the BYU-Provo campus and if I should consider attending there for undergraduate. To this I received a confirmation from the Spirit that it would not be in my best interests to attend and that it simply wasn’t meant for me (for now at least).

Nonetheless enjoy the article and visit the site, I will definitely be posting more on the subject in time to come.


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