On the following I will be archiving and listing various conversational accounts that I have had through various online mediums such as email, Facebook, and other such platforms. This will be for the purpose of both accumulating a record for quick personal access and to provide my thoughts and feelings towards various topics. I will only attribute people by name out of relevance and will do so with their express permission. I give my word not to in any way alter my responses or their own statements except when appropriate for means of clarification. Below I will provide both the title of the conversation, the platform and the date in which it took place. I will do my best to update these regularly if needed.

A Defense of Sola Scriptura Continued -By Jordan McDaniel

Matt Slick, CARM, and Open Q&A– Facebook Live, 3/28/17

On Prayer, Spiritual Confirmation and the Acceptance of Scriptural Canon– Facebook, 12/10/16

My Answer to “A Defense of Sola Scriptura” -Facebook, 12/19/16